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FQA on Zigbee products

1.Q:The indicator of the controller is not green?

  A:Please check if the power supply is working.

2.Q: The indicator is green, but the strip is not working?

  A: Please check the wiring, you can retrim and rewire to make sure wiring is good.

3.Q:When I use App to choose color, but the led strip doesn’t respond correctly, for example, I touch red, it shows green, why?

  A:Please check if the wiring is correct (R/R,G/G,B/B,C/cool white, W/ warm white). Besides, you can check if the cables of the led strip are soldered wrongly, or the R/G/B/W silk print on led strip is wrong.

4.Q:Why is my controller making noise?

A:Please use a better power supply.

5.Q: How long LED strip does your controller can support?

  A: Our controllers are DC12~24V,MAX15A. But we suggest customers to wire 5-10m for better light effect. Cause there is a voltage-drop for the long conductor. For longer, you can install more power supplies and controllers.

6.Q: My hue app can not find the controller or bulb?

  A: Please check if the App is working, the network is normal.

Please confirm your phone and hue bridge stay in a same network.

7.Q: I just got my controller/bulb installed first time, but My App can not find my light ,how to do with it?

  A: Please check the above Q&A, confirm the wiring is ok, power supply, controller+light or bulb works normally. Then you can close the app ,open it and research within 60s when you switch on the power, or you try switching on/off the light during app searching , once linked, the light or bulb will get darker( earlier version) or get green. If still not found, you can reset the light.

8.Q: How to reset?

  A: Switch off the light 4 times and switch on the fifth time, the light will blink 4 times and all lights are on. Reset is done. For details, you can see the instructions.

9.Q:I reset many times, then my app can not find my controller, how to do with it?

  A: You can close the app, open it and research within 60s when you switch on the power, or you try switching on/off the light during app searching , once linked, the light or bulb will get darker( earlier version) or get green.

You can switch off the Hue hub/bridge to clear the flash. Although you reset the controller or bulb, but the hue hub/bridge remember it, so App still won’t show the ID.

10.Q:Does your controller/bulb have power off memory function?


11.Q:Does your controller/bulb work with Google home?

    A: Can work with Google through hue.

12.Q: Does your controller/bulb work with Home kit?

    A: Not directly, there are two solutions for DIY or Funs.

Solution 1: Home Assistant+ VM/raspberry PI

Solution 2: Home bridge + raspberry PI

For details, please go to www.gledopto.cn

13.Q:What hubs/bridges work with GLEDOPTO zigbee products?

    A: Please check the compatibility chart in the instruction manual. There are more and more hubs/bridges working with ours. Will update it from time to time.

14.Q:Do you have the RGBW controller with one SSID?


(To be continued)